Grant Street Improvements

City of Jefferson Department of Public Works and JC Parks will make several improvements along Grant Street, the main entrance into Ellis-Porter Riverside Park. Work started early April and is expected to be complete mid- to late-summer 2022.

Project Elements

  • Construction of a sidewalk along the western side of Grant Street.
  • Sidewalk in the Park from the intersection of Grant Street and Ellis Porter Drive to the sidewalk near the pool.
  • Construction of numerous retaining walls.
  • Widening of Grant Street and a portion of Ellis Porter Drive to accommodate a central island approaching the park.
  • Stormwater inlets will be replaced near Hough Street and an inlet will be added near Lake Street.
  • The intersection at Grant Street/East McCarty Street and the intersection at Lake Street/Hough Street/Grant Street will be reconstructed to for ADA compliance.
  • The whole of Grant Street will receive an asphalt overlay.


  • Phase 1A will be finished by the end of April. Ellis Porter Drive will be closed north of Edwards Street until April 29.
  • Phase 1B will temporarily close Grant Street from Edwards Street to the house at 92 Grant Street. That phase will take around two months to complete. Click here for a detour map for Phases 1A and 1B.
  • Phase 2 will go into effect on Tuesday, May 31. Grant St. will close south of Hough St. to Edwards St. Estimated completion is four weeks. Click here for a detour map for Phase 2.