McClung Indoor Pavilion Renovations

More Than a Facelift

The indoor pavilion was remodeled in fall 2020 and included the following improvements:

  • Replaced all exterior windows and in-fill (drywall/siding) between rock columns with storefront window panes, allowing for more natural light and brightening the pavilion’s interior use area.
  • Added an outdoor patio space connecting the indoor pavilion with the playground. 
  • Repainted the interior use area, upgraded and added interior lighting, enclosed chair and table storage, added multiuse flooring and repainted and upgraded the entrance lobby with storefront windows.
  • Repaired structural masonry cracking and repaired water intrusion along east wall.
  • Upgraded park entrance off of Oakwood Drive and added parking lot storm water detention basin.
  • Installed interior and exterior security cameras.

The playground adjacent to the indoor pavilion received a complete renovation in 2016.

The indoor pavilion at McClung Park is a place of celebration and is often referred to as the “dance pavilion”. Wedding receptions, dance lessons, and reunions are just a few of its common uses. It is arguably the most popular rental facility in the park system.


Make a Memory at McClung Park

Photo opportunities are endless when you host your event at McClung indoor pavilion. The outdoor patio with the Capitol dome in the background, your wedding party on the playground, mimicking the dancing forest animals mural…and more! Find rental information here. 


Park history

McClung Park was built in 1915 by inmates of the Missouri State Penitentiary as a state park. The supervisor of the construction was D.C. McClung, for whom the park is named. Parks and Recreation purchased the 45 acre park in 1940 from the Missouri State Penal Board.