Top Places for Imaginative Play in JC Parks

“Pretend” can be one of the most fun ways for your child to play. And JC Parks has plenty of places for kids to immerse themselves in imaginative play!

Whether they’re playing a pirate, an all-star athlete, or something else entirely, the only limit to what they can be is their own creativity!

Discover the top places for imaginative play in JC Parks, today.


When they want to be a pirate…

Water is a must, right? So, set sail toward one of these spots for some water-focused fun.

  • Pools: Choose either of the JC Parks pools for a day of fun in the sun. They can search for sunken treasure while diving for rings or make you walk the plank at the edge of the deep-end!
  • Boating at Binder Park: For a true sailing experience, take them to Binder Park! They can launch their ship and explore the seven seas from the comfort of your kayak or boat.
  • Community Park Sprayground: When they’re ready to drag their booty ashore, they might have to battle a few obstacles along the way! They’ll love traversing the fountains, stepping stones, and other play structures – Imaginary eye-patch and all.


When they’re acting out their all-star fantasy…

Cheer them on court-side. Stop by one of our sports facilities so they can score big!

  • Basketball Courts: With courts throughout the city, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for them to make the buzzer-beating, game-winning, one-in-a-million shot of a lifetime.
  • Tennis Courts: Watch them smash the Wimbledon singles tournament at our tennis courts!
  • The LINC Track: Send your speed racer around the track at The LINC so they can feel like the fastest runner in the world. Bonus points if you let them lap you in the 400 meter!


When they’re bound to be a mountain climber…

Show them where to start their adventure. They can scale mountains and discover wildlife at any of these fun places!

  • Community Park Climbing Tower: Watch them conquer Mount Kilimanjaro as they navigate the ropes and rungs of this 30-foot structure, designed with multiple levels and supports for added safety.
  • Binder Park Trails: Help them discover new species on Audubon Nature Trail, or tackle un-charted terrain on the mountain bike trails.
  • Katy Trail Spur: Start your journey at North Jefferson Recreation Area, where you can access Missouri’s Katy Trail. With their ruck sack packed, they’ll love setting the pace through mountain-side forests and long-forgotten lands.
  • Amphitheater Steps: See who can plant their flag at the top first! The amphitheater steps at Ellis-Porter Riverside Park are the perfect spot for them to practice their altitude conditioning.


What Else Will They Be?

Have other places for imaginative play in mind? Does your child act out different scenarios in JC Parks?

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