Economic Impact

Dozens of events are held each year at The Linc, JC Parks athletic complexes, and Capital Region MU Health Care Amphitheater. Event attendees inject revenue into the community when they visit local restaurants, shops, gas stations, hotels, and other amenities Jefferson City has to offer.

When a tourism-driven event like a sports tournament or a concert is held at a JC Parks facility, the entire community benefits from the economic impact. Both private and public sectors earn more when these events attract visitors, resulting in increased spending within the local economy and a higher yield in local tax revenue that is invested back into the community.

  • 0.25% public safety tax that supports police and fire personnel
  • 0.50% capital improvement sales tax that funds infrastructure and critical needs in Jefferson City and Cole County
  • 0.50% park sales tax that is dedicated to park improvements

Ever wonder how economic impact is measured? Three categories contribute to the calculation.

  1. Direct impact: revenue directly generated by the facility (tournament registration fees, ticket sales, concessions, etc.).
  2. Indirect impact: revenue generated by businesses other than the primary facility as a result of that facility’s event (hotel stays, restaurant/retail transactions from event participants, etc.)
  3. Induced Impact: revenue generated by the spending of the facility employees (household expenses like housing, groceries, utilities, etc.).

JC Parks has collaborated with Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau to measure the economic impact produced by its athletic complexes and amphitheater. Between 2021 and 2022, over $8.8 million of economic impact has been generated by JC Parks.

The facilities include Binder Park Sports Complex, Optimist Sports Complex, 63 Diamonds, Vivion Field, Lions Field, The Linc, and Capital Region MU Health Care Amphitheater.


Economic Impact in 2021

The Linc $2,295,837
Athletic Complexes $1,464,067
CRMU Amphitheater $447,857


Economic Impact in 2022

The Linc $2,835,866
Athletic Complexes $1,266,073
CRMU Amphitheater $521,198