Policies and Procedures

Equal Opportunity

As a recipient of federal funds from the U.S. Department of the Interior, the Jefferson City Parks and Recreation Commission and the Jefferson City Department of Parks and Recreation operates programs subject to the nondiscrimination requirements of Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Under Title VI, the U.S. Department of the Interior strictly prohibits discrimination because of race, color, or national origin in its federally assisted programs. Any person who believes he or she has been discriminated against in any program or facility of the Jefferson City Department of Parks and Recreation, or desires further information regarding Title VI, should write immediately to:

The Office for Equal Opportunity
U.S. Department of Interior
Office of the Secretary Washington, D.C. 20240


Decisions regarding morning programs will be made by 8 am and announced as quickly as possible thereafter. Decisions on the cancellation of evening activities due to inclement weather will be made by 3:30 pm daily. 

Many programs and leagues have SMS text sign-ups available. Please contact JC Parks staff for details. 

Cancellations - Youth Sports

No news means play ball!  If you do not hear from JC Parks staff, your coach, or TeamSideline — all is well, and we are playing ball as scheduled. 

We do not cancel based on a forecast.  Weather forecasts and technology are great tools, but mother nature is still very unpredictable so we almost always wait until something actually happens before we make the call on cancellations.

We usually decide at about 3:00 PM.  We know many teams travel an hour or more and want to know ASAP, but we try to wait until at least 3:00 PM to make sure we get it right. 

Please do not contact us regarding cancellations. Flooding JC Program Managers or front desk staff with phone calls and emails slows down the notification process. Thanks for your cooperation & understanding.

Check our cancellations website first.  The first update will be posted at jcparks.com/cancellations.  If it is a late-arriving rain (after 3:00 PM) this may be the only method available to notify the public.

Check your Game Schedules:  After updating the cancellation page, game schedules are modified at teamsideline.com/jeffersoncity.  This will draw a line through the games and send an automatic email to you from TeamSideline.

Check your email/text. After updating our cancellations page, and team schedules via TeamSidelineeamSideline, JC Parks and Recreation staff send personal emails/texts to relevant parties. Depending on timing, this is not always possible and instructions are given to coaches and parents listed in team rosters. Please sign up for text alerts from JC Parks via TeamSideline to ensure you receive notifications promptly.

Sometimes it depends on the field.  Please check notifications carefully.  Play may be possible on specific fields and not others due to drainage or the location of the rain.

Lightning Policy:  Health and safety are our top priority.  We would rather be safe than sorry.  So If games have already started and the Facility Supervisors or Umpires see lightning nearby, they will delay the game for at least 20 minutes.  Play either resumes when it looks safe, or is canceled. During a lightning delay, players and spectators may be asked to wait in their vehicles.

Weather Delays:  Similar to lightning delays, weather delays may occur if rain passes through quickly and the fields will still be playable later in the evenings.

Check League Rules on partial games. Each league and division has rules to tell you if partial games will be made up.  For example, in competitive and rec baseball, games are considered official if you have played 2.5 innings (if the home team leads) or 1 hour.  If the game gets rained out after that point, it is considered official and will not be rescheduled.

Rescheduled Games.  Rescheduled game times may be included in the cancellation notice if the cancellation is made early enough in the day. If not, JC Parks and Recreation staff will communicate reschedules promptly.

Head Coaches:  Even though all of these communications are sent, some parents are still not notified, so please make sure your team is informed via your team’s preferred method of communication.

Umpires:  Messages will be posted for umpires regarding cancellations via GroupMe and TeamSideline (if time allows).

Facility Supervisors:  JC Parks and Recreation staff will send personal texts to facility supervisors regarding cancellations.  If time allows, they will also receive an email and text (if enabled) from TeamSideline.

Termination of Participation

Any park user, program participant, or spectator who strikes, attempts to strike, verbally threatens to strike, or attempts to intimidate a Parks and Recreation employee or cause such employee or another park patron to be apprehensive about his/her personal safety; or who persists in the use of vulgar and inappropriate language in addressing a Parks and Recreation employee or at a Parks and Recreation program or facility; or who fails to heed the request of an on-site Parks and Recreation supervisor to vacate park property is subject to prosecution for violation of the City of Jefferson trespassing ordinance and suspension from attendance at Parks and Recreation programs or facilities for a period to be determined by the Director of Parks and Recreation.

Refund Policy

Program cancellations may be made Mon – Fri, 8am-5pm, by calling (573) 634-6482 or in person at 1299 Lafayette Street.

The Parks and Recreation Commission has adopted the following refund policy regarding programs and facilities.


  1. If a cancellation is made prior to the registration deadline, a refund will be given, less a processing fee: $10 for program fees up to $99; $20 for program fees $100 & over.
  2. If a cancellation is made after the registration deadline, a credit for future programs/reservations will be given for 1/2 of the fee paid. Once a program starts no refund/credit will be given unless a medical statement substantiates the injury or illness.
  3. Fees paid for team registrations are not refundable once a team registration has been accepted and recorded except as in #6 below.
  4. No credits, refunds, or make-up classes will be issued for programs missed due to personal reasons.
  5. A refund or credit will be granted when medical illnesses/ injuries are substantiated by a medical note.
  6. Full refunds are made if a program is canceled by JC Parks.


  1. A $25 processing fee will be charged per week, per child for every refund issued.
  2. All camp refunds must be requested two weeks prior to the first day of the program. 
  3. If a cancellation is made after the registration deadline, a refund will be given for 1/2 of the fee paid.
  4. Once a program starts, no refund or credit will be given unless a medical note substantiates an injury/illness.
  5. Transfers need to be approved by the Program Manager. Please send requests directly to her at Atoebben@jeffersoncitymo.gov


  1. Fees paid for admission to park facilities are not refundable.
  2. The holding fee required to reserve park facilities/shelters is not refundable under any circumstance except as in #5 below.
  3. If a cancellation occurs ten or more business days prior to the scheduled reservation, the facility/hayride rental fee and deposit is refundable, less a $10 processing fee.
  4. If a cancellation occurs less than ten business days prior to the reservation, 1/2 of the rental fee and the entire damage deposit will be refunded.
  5. Full refunds are made if a rental is canceled by JC Parks.


  1. Weather cancellations are at the discretion of JC Parks Aquatics staff.
  2. Reservation fees for pools are not refundable under any circumstance except as in #4 below.
  3. Transfer of rental date must be requested two weeks prior to reservation date.
  4. Full refunds are made if a rental is canceled by JC Parks.
  5. No refunds will be issued for season pool passes.

Amusement Park Tickets
All amusement park ticket sales are final. Refunds are not issued for amusement park tickets.

Late Fee Policy

Many parks and recreation programs have enrollment limits and registration deadlines. To ensure a spot in your favorite activity, please be sure to register before the registration deadline. Registering early will allow for proper staffing levels and adequate equipment and program supplies for all participants and will save you money. If space is still available in a program after the registration deadline, the program fees will be higher.

Gift Certificates

How about a Parks Card? Parks Cards can be purchased for any amount and are good at any JC Parks facility or toward the registration fee for any program. 


If you have a golfer, skater, swimmer, ball player, camper, or even a couch potato who needs to get up and get active, what would be a better gift?

Parks Cards are available at The Linc (1299 Lafayette St.) or Oak Hills Golf Center (932 Ellis Blvd.).

Bleeding Policy

In any Parks and Recreation program, a participant who is bleeding or who has blood on his/her clothing shall be prohibited from participating further in the activity until appropriate treatment has been administered. Appropriate treatment may include bandaging as necessary to prevent recurrence.

This policy has been implemented to protect the participants, coaches, staff, and their families from diseases transported through the accidental contact of tainted blood. If medical care is needed, the participant must leave the activity until the problem situation has been resolved. A 70% isopropyl alcohol solution must be used to disinfect the skin and clothing. All infected areas must be thoroughly cleaned before this individual is allowed to continue participating in the activity. This may require that the player remove affected clothing and replace it in order to be able to continue participating.

All participants should bring an extra shirt, pair of pants/shorts, and socks to each activity to change into in the event a blood incident should occur.

Fragrance Free Policy

The Jefferson City Parks and Recreation Commission respectfully requests and encourages all patrons attending or participating in any Parks and Recreation meeting, special event, facility or program remain as fragrance free as possible by not wearing perfume, after shave, scented lotions, fragranced hair products and/or other similar products.   Fragranced products can cause persons with some chronic illnesses to suffer additional symptoms.


The Jefferson City Department of Parks and Recreation and/or the Jefferson City Parks and Recreation Commission does not provide insurance coverage for injuries suffered while participating in programs or using facilities. Any costs related to such injuries should be presented to your personal medical insurance carrier.

Photo Policy

Frequently, Parks and Recreation staff may videotape or photograph participants enrolled in programs, classes, events, or enjoying park facilities. These photographs are for Parks and Recreation publications, flyers, brochures, program guides, TV programs, or advertisements. All photos and videos are for Parks and Recreation use and become the sole property of the Department.

Emergency? We Can Help!

Most Parks and Recreation crews and/or vehicles are equipped with radios or cell phones which can serve as an emergency reporting station for people needing help.

Our personnel can notify local emergency services of any requests for assistance.

A Helping Hand

The Jefferson City Department of Parks, Recreation & Forestry encourages people of all abilities to participate in the programs and at the facilities we offer. If a program modification will make an activity accessible for you, our staff will be happy to speak with you individually, make the necessary accommodations, and be sure that the on-site staff is familiar with the situation. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can help you enjoy your leisure experience.

To provide a quality leisure experience for everyone, we strive to make all programs as inclusive and accessible as possible. However, we may not be able to provide all requested accommodations for all programs.

Park Watch

Vandalism, littering, and improper use of the parks and facilities results in thousands of dollars of needless expenses each year. Park users – we need your help! Please report any suspicious persons, activities, vandalism, misuse, or violation of park rules to the police or sheriff’s department by calling 911. If you are not comfortable calling 911, call Crimestoppers ((573) 659-8477/(573) 659-TIPS). Callers are guaranteed anonymity and may receive a reward for information which leads to solving a crime, including park vandalism. By working together, we can stretch park dollars and help assure safe, attractive parks for ourselves and our children.

Park Hours

Community Parks are open year around from 5 a.m. until 11 p.m. Restroom facilities within the parks are available for use from April through October. Neighborhood Parks are also open year-round from 5:00 a.m. until dark.

Pets in the Park

Unless specifically posted, dogs, cats, and other pets are permitted in City parks* if they are under the control of their owner, on a leash no longer than 15 feet, and their excrement is immediately removed and properly disposed.

*Pets are not permitted at Parks and Recreation sports events or tournaments to ensure the safety of participants and spectators.

Please, Don't Feed the Geese!

Goose droppings have been a major problem in our park system for a long time. Obviously feeding them only exacerbates the problem, since it encourages them to stay. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do not feed the geese inside the parks. The Parks and Recreation Department has tried many other means to alleviate the goose problem, but to no avail. Hopefully this will curtail the problem and lead to cleaner and nicer parks for you and your family.

Facility Rental Policies

Please see the facility rental page for policies related to each individual facility.

Heat Policy

Jefferson City Parks and Recreation uses the following heat index policy for all of our outdoor practices/games. This policy is separate from any other weather (rain, lightning, etc.) that may also occur. Heat index for each game or practice will be determined 1 hour before the scheduled start time.

Parents/guardians are expected to know their child better than the coach.  Parents/guardians are responsible for communicating with the coach about their child’s susceptibility to heat related illness, and to take other precautions that the parents/guardians believe are appropriate if they believe that weather or heat conditions place their child at risk of heat related illness or other danger, including withholding their child from participation.



80-88 DEGREES Few Concerns; Activities will remain on

Provide ample amounts of water (water should always be available)

Optional water breaks every 30 minutes up to 5 minutes in duration

Watch/Monitor athletes carefully


Provide ample amounts of water (water is always available)

Athletes are allowed to take in as much water as desired

Recommended water breaks every 30 minutes for 5-10 minutes in duration

All equipment must be removed during these water breaks (helmets, gloves & catcher’s equipment)

Recommend catchers only be allowed to catch 2 consecutive innings

Watch/Monitor athletes closely

100-104 DEGREES

Provide ample amounts of water (water is always available)

Athletes are allowed to take in as much water as desired

Mandatory water breaks every 30 minutes for 10 minutes in duration (shade recommended during)

All equipment must be removed during these water breaks (helmets, gloves & catcher’s equipment)

Recommend catchers only be allowed to catch 1 consecutive inning

Game or practice time can be shortened by 15-30 minutes by team’s so desire

Monitor athletes and actions closely

Stay Off the Ice!

JC Parks waterways (including Binder Lake, McKay Lake, and Hough Park Lake) are not monitored for recreational use. Any on-ice activity is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, sledding, skiing, fishing, and skating.

City of Jefferson, Code Section 18-72, Trespass