Jefferson City Forestry

JC Parks Forestry

Trees play an invaluable role in our park system!  Jefferson City forestry staff, including three ISA-certified arborists, have the important task of planting and maintaining city trees as well as mowing hundreds of acres each week in the park system. 

Free Mulch

Several times throughout the year, mulch is produced from the timber collected throughout JC Parks. The product, free to the public, is deposited at North Jefferson Recreation Area in the mulch pick-up area at the intersection of Fourth Street and Cottonwood Street.

Mulching is done on an as-needed basis so we are not able to guarantee availability. Those interested in free mulch are responsible for loading and hauling.

Christmas Tree Recycling

Don’t trash your Christmas tree! Recycle it for free.

December 26 through January 31, Christmas trees may be dropped off in Washington Park at the Vivion Field entrance. Trees will be used for mulching and composting as well as lining fish beds.

Please ensure your tree is real (not artificial), unflocked, and free of decorations.

Right-of-Way Trees

Under the tree care ordinance passed in March of 1998, the JC Parks was assigned responsibility for the tree care of all City-owned trees. Since that time, most of the community’s street trees have been inventoried and the most critical needs have been addressed.

Anyone needing to plant, remove, or prune trees in city right-of-way must have prior approval from the City Forester. Please contact JC Parks with questions about right-of-way trees or find the tree work permit application below!

With your help, we can keep our urban forest resources healthy and safe for years to come!

Memorial Trees

Can’t decide what to get Mom and Dad for their upcoming anniversary? Looking for a lasting remembrance of a loved one? Want a unique way to celebrate the birth of your child? Through the Commemorative Tree and Memorial Bench Program, you can establish a living memorial and beautify your parks at the same time!

During the planting season (September – Early March), JC Parks will plant a tree of your choosing and fix a memorial plaque adorned with your inscription in front of the tree.

Applications are accepted year-round.

Visit the JC Parks Foundation page for more information.