Pickleball Courts

805 Ohio Street,
Jefferson City, MO 65109

To get to the Washington Park Pickleball Complex from Missouri BLVD:
Drive past the Washington Park Ice Arena (on your left), stop at the stop sign after the bridge. Turn left, and follow the road back to the pickleball courts (no turns needed).

Pickleball Courts located in Washington Park in Jefferson City

Welcome to the Washington Park Pickleball Complex! We hope you enjoy playing and cheering on others at the complex, which contains 8 courts, restrooms, and other amenities in development. Court hours follow park hours (5:00 AM – 11:00 PM). Lights are available with a switch on the concession building (under the overhang) and turn off after a two-hour timer, or at 11:00 PM.

Court Availability

Courts #1 — #8 are open play, unless they are reserved. Courts #1 and #2 are always set aside for open play and cannot be reserved. To reserve Courts #3 – 8, call 573-634-6482 (Reservations are $15/hr, with a 2 hour cap/player). Keep a receipt of your reservation on paper or on your phone to help clarify who-has-what court reserved. 

Court Rules for Open Play:

If a court is open, a group of four can play one game on the court, and when that game is complete all four players rotate off and a new group goes on for one game. Waiting players need to stack their paddles in order to keep track of who goes on the next available court. When you come off the court you put your paddles at the end and wait for a court to come open.

These rules will evolve with the addition of a rack holder, and a sign with etiquette, which should be installed by the end of June 2024. If you have questions/comments/feedback, please shoot an email our way or give us a call to share your experiences. Thank you for your consideration, and enjoy the park!

Reserve a Pickleball Court

Get your group together and get your play on at Washington Park Pickleball Complex.

Give us a call to start your reservation