McClung Park

Hilltop Haven

Nestled atop a hill and brimming with trees, McClung Park is a longtime retreat amidst bustling Jefferson City. This 45-acre park is best known for its large pavilions and views of the city, especially those of the state capitol building.

  • Large Indoor and Outdoor Pavilions
  • Playground
  • Open Ballfield
  • Picnic Areas
  • Restrooms open year-round

Park History

This park is over 100 years old! It was built in 1915 by inmates of the Missouri State Penitentiary as a state park. The supervisor of the construction was D.C. McClung, for whom the park is named. In 1940, Parks and Recreation purchased the park from the Missouri State Penal Board and transformed it into the space you know today!


From do-si-do to “I do,” McClung Park is a great option for your next event! The large outdoor pavilion is complete with a barbeque facility, has capacity for 160 under its roof, and can accommodate an additional 125 people in the outdoor seating area.

The indoor facility offers air conditioning, a serving kitchen, and room for around 150 people. It is frequently used for square dancing, wedding receptions, class reunions, and JC Parks programs.

Interested in renting at McClung Park?

Play All Day

There are plenty of ways to play at this park, too! Watch from the shade as your kiddos explore the updated playground. The 2016 remodel replaced 80s-era wooden equipment with swings and play structures for pre-school and school-aged children!

Want a different way to play? Practice your swing or coordinate a kickball game at the open ballfield.