5 Ways JC Parks Puts Camper Safety First

Small group of campers

Being a parent, especially during Summer, can be a juggling act. On top of wake-up calls, the breakfast shift, and taxi duty, you shouldn’t have to worry about your child’s safety once you drop them off. That’s why we take extra steps to keep your kids safe at JC Parks Summer Day Camps. Here’s why you can rest assured your happy camper is a safe camper, too.


1. Highly-Trained Staff

We don’t let just anyone help with Day Camps. In addition to receiving background checks, staff are certified in CPR and first aid. They also complete extensive training provided by the Jefferson City Fire and Police Departments, Missouri Highway Patrol, and KidsFirst, an organization dedicated to ending child abuse.


2. Quality Standards

All JC Parks Day Camps follow guidelines provided by the American Camp Association, an organization that aims to ensure the quality of camp programs across the nation.


3. Education Backgrounds

Many staff members are students or professionals with education backgrounds. This means your child will be surrounded by teachers, counselors, and those who grew up in the JC Parks Camp System! Our Staff treats all campers as students, helping them learn while having a great time.


4. Back-Up Plans

At JC Parks Day Camps, campers don’t endure harsh weather. If a storm is brewing or the heat index is too high, all outdoor camps take place at an alternate indoor location. This way your kids stay out of the elements, and you don’t have to worry about finding last-minute child care due to cancellations.


5. Extra Pool Measures

Some camps include visits to Memorial Park Family Aquatic Center or Ellis-Porter Riverside Pool. When your camper is in or near the water, we take extra precautions. Each child wears a wristband indicating how deep they are allowed to go. This determination is made by you, the parent, and strictly enforced by certified lifeguards and camp staff, who monitor from both in and out of the water.


Simply put: Camper safety is a top priority. And we want parents to feel confident in our commitment! If you have additional concerns or questions, please reach out to us. There’s no reason a little smile shouldn’t creep across your face as you leave the Day Camp drop-off line, knowing your kiddos are gearing up to have a fun-filled and safe day.


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